Excess Material Management

ZHONG HAI SHENG Technologies offers multiple solutions for your Excess Electronics Inventory. Whether you have obsolete parts or a surplus of electronic components, we have over 20 years of expertise to help guide you to find the right strategy.

Our company works with a wide variety of components that include New and Obsolete Semiconductors, Connectors, Terminals, Military components, Passives, Discrete, Diodes, Actives, Switches, Relays, CPU’S, Hard Drives, Displays and more.

In order to best serve your needs, we have three programs to choose from. Each solution can be customized to benefit you:

Excess Electronic Inventory Lot Buys

The lot buy solution works well for companies looking to free up space and recover money back. ZHONG HAI SHENG will review your list of excess and notify you within 48 hours with a bid.

Line by Line Sale

Our line by line program is a great option for companies that would like to keep their inventory on hand. We use our worldwide database to broadcast your inventory so you can get the highest return. Once we find buyers you can ship to us and we would take care of the rest. It’s simple!

Consignment Inventory

Keeping your material on hand with ZHONG HAI SHENG Technologies ensures your material is shipped in, counted and then bonded here in our climate-controlled warehouse. The advantage of this option is regained warehouse space and potentially a higher financial return in comparison to liquidation. If your company requires any parts back, simply let us know and we will ship them back to you free of charge!

Manage your excess inventory

Regardless of which option you choose, allowing ZHONG HAI SHENG Technologies experts to manage your excess inventory will alleviate space in your warehouse, financial returns to your company and let’s not forget being environmentally friendly. By not scrapping your excess electronic inventory and contributing to the e-waste you are recycling!

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